Founded by model Danae (aka Cheeky). Cheeky’s Armoire brings you back to your favorite era, when skirts were mini, and makeup was matte.

We work hard to supply you with vintage-style pieces to bring out your inner Bardot. Inspired by the 1960’s when housewives were celebrated and Americans were patriots. We only do business with countries whose workers are treated respectably… being a humanitarian conscious brand is very important to us.

What Is Cheeky's Armoire?

Cheeky’s Armoire was founded by model Danae DiGiulio based off of her dream of opening a burlesque show in Las Vegas. Cheeky is a sassy, classy character. The idea being, her essence is of a muse, and mynx.

There’s a hint of modesty, as well. The fantasy of a 1960’s housewife. If you were to dream of a classic woman you would dream of Cheeky. The pieces on our website are based off of what Cheeky would wear on or off stage, or even backstage.

It’s like going to her home and raiding her armoire. Cheeky is an iconic character, embodying femininity and also empowerment in her sensuality. She is liberated yet unattainable. The perfect combo of sugar and spice.